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Pure Freedom
By Bryce T. Perry

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A Stray Drop of Blood
By Roseanna M. White

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While I Slept
By Nancy Koehler

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New From WhiteFire Publishing

Light and Glory
A novel by Justin M. Sellers

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Note From the Publisher

WhiteFire Printing from the beginning has been an organization of people dedicated to great writing, books, and the author's vision.  The focus of WhiteFire until now has been on helping others publish their own works and providing quality printing and binding services.  Books, though, are for people to read, enjoy and learn from.  These goals are hard to reach, however, in a world where self published books flood the market, but do so with almost no voice. 

WhiteFire's mission as a publisher is to give a voice to great contemporary works that might otherwise go unnoticed.  To this end WhiteFire has three values to fulfill: first, to stay true to the vision of the author and his or her editor and not make changes for commercial value, second, to make the books available to as wide an audience as possible so that they can have their full impact, and last to make a high quality durable product that will last many readings and for many years.  WhiteFire believes that these are three qualities, but perhaps not the only ones, that can make a book great.


The WFP staff

Other Books by WhiteFire:

Twenty Five Sonnets, by Justin Hibbard - Available now!






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