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Under the leading of Pastors Ron and Karen Higson, Full Gospel SDB is a sabbath keeping church that believes first and foremost in salvation by grace through the blood of Jesus Christ. Located in the rural beauty of Western Maryland, we can be found on Hazen Rd, conveniently just off Rt. 220, near Cumberland.

We’re often asked, “Why keep the Sabbath?”

We don’t believe the day we worship is a matter of salvation–we obey the Fourth Commandment out of loving obedience, just as we do the other nine of the Ten Commandments. Though we are often confused with other Sabbath-keeping churches, the Seventh Day Baptist church traces its roots to England of the 1600s, and our first American church was founded in Rhode Island in 1670. With rich history and a love for honoring the Lord, the entire Seventh Day Baptist Conference is a big family that we are proud to count ourselves a member of.

Family is crucial to us as an individual church too, and we love to welcome visitors and new members into our congregation of Spirit-filled worshipers. With edifying praise and worship, well beloved hymns, convicting sermons, and Sabbath school Bible studies for all ages, we offer a place to come and grow.

Grow in the Spirit, grow in the faith, grow in the Lord.

Service Times:

Worship Services – Saturday starting at 11AM

Sabbath School, – Saturday starting at 9:45AM

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Bible Study/Sabbath School

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What is the purpose of the church?

What is the Church?

Who do we make disciples?

What is Salvation?

How do we become Disciples?

Are there different levels of belief?

What is the Church’s place in society?

What does it mean to be a disciple?

Are you comfortable with where you are in your faith?

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Part 1 – Faith:  How do we demonstrate or establish our Christian Faith?







Confession of Sins

Part 2: What do you know about the History of the Church?


Old Testament

Early Church

The Didache



What is the Place of the Church in Society?

Church Structure



Service and Sacrifice

How does understanding the Place of the Church in Society help understand the History of the Church?

Part 3: Growing in your Faith

Prayer (cont.)

Gifts of the Spirit




Part 4: Go To all the World


Service and Sacrifice


Spiritual Warfare


The Didache


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Audio Recordings

Listen to audio versions of our sermon recordings:

Sermon – “Remember”

Sermon – “The Warning of the Watchman”

Sermon – “I Can Do All Things”

Sermon – “The Fragrance of Christ”

Good Friday Service

Guest Speaker Mike Santmyire

Sermon – “Where God Speaks”

Sermon – King of the Curse

Sermon – “Hosanna”

Sermon – “Compare Not to Others”

Sermon – “The Person of the Holy Spirit”

Sermon – “The Vine and the Branches”

Sermon – “Tithing Our Time”

Guest Speakers – The Vogtmans (Adoption Update)

Sermon – “Love the Unlovable”

Sermon – “Who Do “We” Listen To?”

Sermon – “Rejoice in the Resurrection – (RE: Part 3)”

Sermon – “RE” (Part 2)

Sermon – “RE”

Sermon – “Holy Ground”

Sermon – “Make This Your Common Practice”

Sermon – “The Communion Covenant”

Sermon – “The Prince of Peace”

Christmas Eve Service – “Love Came Down”

Sermon – “We Are the Sheep”

Sermon – “What is Sin?”

Sermon – “Take Hold of Hope”

Sermon – “Secret Things Made Known”

Sermon – “The Keys to Giving Thanks”

Sermon – “Who’s Your Hero?”

Sermon – “Slow to Anger and Great in Power”

Guest Speaker Rev Harry Burchell

Sermon – “Hidden Treasure”

Sermon – “The Substance”

Sermon – “Tearing Down the Walls”

Sermon – “His Words ‘Could’ Be Offensive”

Sermon – “Rejoice in the Lord Always”

Sermon – “Pressing On”

Sermon – “Sacrifice”

Sermon – “If Any”

Sermon – “Koinonia”

Sermon – “How Do We Measure Success?”

Sermon – Grace

Sermon – “Know How and Why Your Enemy Attacks”

Sermon – “Speaking Life and Death”

Sermon – “Keeping Your Eye on the Prize”

Sermon – “Worth the Wait”

Sermon – “He Made the Right Choice”

Sermon – “You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have”

Sermon – “Honor Thy Father”

Sermon – “Forgiveness Can Be Tough Sometimes”

Sermon – “Only True Humility Pleases the Lord”

Sermon – “So Many Gave Their All”

Sermon – “Living the Pure Life”

Sermon – “Heaven—What Does It Look Like? What Will We Do?”

Sermon – “Do You Think about Heaven?” (Part 2)

Sermon – “Do You Think about Heaven?”

Sermon – “Judgment Time at God’s House” (Bishop Gary Trail)

Sermon – “God of gods and  Lord or kings”

Sermon – “Know Who You Are in Christ”

Sermon – “Foolishness or Power” (Good Friday 2016 – Bishop Gary Trail)

Sermon – “Right Activities, Wrong Motives”

Sermon – “Coming Alive to Christ”

Sermon – “Jesus Suffered Once for Sins”

Sermon – “The Turning of the Tide”

Sermon – “Should We Call Down Fire?”

Sermon – “Magnify the Lord”

Sermon – “Speak It and Believe It!”

Sermon -“Just the Crumbs Will Do”

Sermon – “The Immediacy of the Message”

Sermon – “One Gospel—through Christ—by Grace”

Sermon – “The Conclusion of the Whole Matter”

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